AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor

Measures indoor temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and humidity
Humidity level icon indicates high, low, or ideal indoor conditions
Daily high and low temperature and humidity records


$7.99 (as of August 18, 2017, 3:41 pm)

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The AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor gives the greater part of the home solace data you need, initially. Including an accuracy indoor thermometer and hygrometer, and a direct to-peruse LCD show, it demonstrates current indoor moistness and temperature, in addition to step by step low and high records. A to hand home solace symbol makes it easy to advise if your indoor dampness is too high, too low, or “alright.” two or three mounting choices incorporate an advantageous clasp, magnets for appending to a metal surface like a cooler, or you’ll have the capacity to stand it upright on a tabletop. Restricted one-year guarantee. It is more than precise, It is AcuRite.

Measures indoor temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and mugginess

Mugginess level symbol shows high, low, or perfect indoor conditions

Step by step low and high temperature and dampness records

Absolutely remote tabletop and magnet-mountable plan

Fueled by one (1) AA battery (excluded)



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