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Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone, 14.5-Inch x 16.5-Inch

Baking stone creates multilayered crunchy-chewy pizza or bread crust
Ample rectangular work surface
Handmade in the US of US materials


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Genuine pizza creators and bread cooks utilize Old Stone Oven pizza stones. However, you don’t should be a genuine cook to make eatery quality pizza: an Old Stone Oven pizza stone makes it simple.

Made of an indistinguishable material from the Old World’s unbelievable block pizza stoves, these stones assimilate the broiler’s serious warmth and exchange it uniformly to your bread and pizza batter. The outcome is the pizzeria pizza you desire, unfailingly. The outside, fresh and moderately singed, offers approach to light, vaporous bite. Tomatoes burst on your tongue under brilliant rises of cheddar. Or, then again, change gears and heat a healthy chunk on the stone; your bread leaves the broiler with a cook endorsed chewy outside layer.

Concocted by Chicago pizza devotee, cookware purveyor, and eatery pundit Pasquale “Pat” Bruno over 40 years prior, Old Stone Oven pizza stones are the first stones for home stove utilize. Thicker than different stones, their porosity and warmth maintenance make a multilayered crunchy-chewy covering. Made in the US from an uncommon mix of without lead dirts, they are oven let go all through assembling to deliver unmatched strength. The stones, because of this reality, can oppose extraordinary warmth and deal with temperature changes without breaking. They are broiler and flame broil ensured to 2000° F.

Old Stone Oven’s biggest stone gives you a plentiful rectangular work surface for delectable pizzas, long French baguettes, and other high quality breads. An exceptionally designed Heat Core focus gathers warm in the stone’s center for uniformly fresh coverings and wipes out spongy focuses. Furrowed feet on the stone’s underside keep the stone adjusted on a broiler rack and give you predominant grasp and mobility.

Bring the essence of the Old World home with Old Stone Oven.

Proficient pizza and customary European bread broilers are relentlessly fixed with stone or block. This is so warmth is put away and redistributed uniformly. The subsequent impact of warmth from the Old Stone Oven rectangular pizza stone gives bread and pizza a pleasant chewy hull. The rural French tarts called galettes are likewise appropriate to a preparing stone. To utilize the stone, put it in a cool stove and preheat to 500 degrees for pizza, or as indicated by the formula for bread or galettes. The stone is made of a similar material that lines impact heaters and ovens, so it can deal with ultra-high temperatures.

Hold up until the heating stone is totally cooled before endeavoring to clean it. Give it a chance to dry totally before The utilization of once more. Some staining will happen after some time; this is normal and won’t affect preparing. The utilization of preparing material may help postpone that staining. Try not to prepare treats, turnovers or other high-fat things on the stone; the stone would retain the fat and continue to create smoke and awful smells. The stone accompanies a flyer that contains nitty gritty utilize and cleaning directions, and in addition formulas for bread, pizza batter, and two pizza fixings. –Garland Withers

Preparing stone makes multilayered crunchy-chewy pizza or bread hull

Sufficient rectangular work surface

High quality in the US of US materials

Uniquely designed Heat Core focus moves warm in the stone’s center for equally firm outside layers, not any more soaked focuses

Unmatched solidness: stone can withstand outrageous warmth and deal with temperature changes without breaking



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